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 This week in kindergarten...

Kindergarten News


Monday—The Best Nest is a story we'll read today as we learn about birds.    (Gym day)

Tuesday— We will begin a very egg-citing project today!  We will be learning about an incubator and will be setting chicken eggs!  We'll be learning about the developing chicks (and waiting!!) for the next 3 weeks.  We will be working in a science journal to record facts and observations during this project.  (Music day)   

Wednesday— We will be writing about an animal that lays eggs.  During our science time we will be predicting and testing if Humpty Dumpty will crack if he falls off the wall.  Ask your child about it!   (Gym day)

Thursday— We're learning about plane and solid shapes.  Ask your child to find circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, spheres, cubes, cylinders, and cones around your house!  (Music, Library day)

Friday— FIELD TRIP DAY!!!   Please remember to send your child's lunch (and beverage).  Parents that are coming along:  Don't forget to bring your own lunch!  Please be at the school by 8:45. We will be back to the school by 2:45.  Thanks so much for joining us on this fun filled day! ​